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AGS Eppy 2-Why Is It HARD?

Episode 2 of my "A Gossip Story" or AGS.


Episode 2
Season 1
Why Is It Hard?

*the next day at Blair's*
*Blair's phone beeps*
[on the phone] Blair, can you please go meet me in front of your apartment as soon as you call back?
*Blair calls back to Nate*
[on the phone] Why?!!? You've hurt me. What else do you want?! But fine... I'll go. NOW!
*Blair & Nate meets up with each other in front of Blair's Apartment*
Blair. My dad is in jail.
Blair: So what?
Nate: You saw Serena & I hugging in front of Serena's apartment right?
Blair: Uh-huh...
Nate: Serena was comforting me because the bail price for my father was $2.4 million dollars & my mom said we 
couldn't bail him because the money we have is for my college.
Blair: And then...??
Nate: I didn't know what to do. My father's in jail, you're mad at me, Chuck won't talk to me & I'm in the "DRUG"
thing, which I didn't do.
Blair: Oh Nate... I am so sorry. I should have listened. I'm not mad at you anymore. I'll help you, okay?
Nate: Thanks, Blair. I knew that I could always count on you.

-while with Chuck-
Stupid television! *Smacks upper part of television*
*the doorbell rings & Chuck opens the door*
Chuck... We need to talk. *goes inside the apartment*
Chuck: What for?
Serena: *sits down on the couch & Chuck sits down too* Why are you mad at Nate?
Chuck: Because... Look at what she's done to Blair. Nate's hurting her! And he doesn't even realize it!
Serena: Nate is not hurting Blair, Chuck! You're the one hurting Blair! And Nate wouldn't do such a thing. 
Chuck: I am hurting Blair? Nate wouldn't do such a thing? Why does Nate love you & Blair gets hurt about hearing
it! Nate still loves you Serena. And it's hard for Blair because Blair loves Nate! And Nate loves you!
Serena: I know that. But I told Nate to stay as friends. He agreed & he went to Blair's apartment so say sorry. 
And you are hurting Blair because...
Chuck: *grins* Because what..?
Serena: Because she likes you, you bring her to a bar where she's almost naked! 
Chuck: She was the one who wanted to do it! And she was the one who told me that she wanted to sleep with me 
inside my limo! It wasn't me!
Serena: But you were the cause of this! You took her to the bar, she got drunk, she went up the stage & was 
almost naked, you brought her a ride home and you shouldn't have done that!
Chuck: I know.. I know.. I shouldn't have done that. But she needed someone to talk to because Nate told Jenny
at the Mask Ball that he still loves you!
Serena: Well.. You've got a point there. And I know I shouldn't have accused you.
Chuck: *grins* I know..
Serena: But next time you sleep with her again & take her to that bar or any bar again! I'll kill you for it!
*walks to the door*
Chuck: But you've got no one else except for your boyfriend! You're a slut, Serena. You can't beat me! No one can!
*Serena slams the door & walks out of the apartment*

What will Serena do about this & Chuck? Will she take revenge? Will Blair & Nate stay strong? Find
out on the next eppy. :]

A Gossip Girl Story

This is about GOSSIP GIRL. I just wanted to make a SERIES of it. My own SERIES. I've been thinking about this for a long time & I wanted this to happen. So yeah. I did it.



Episode 1
Season 1


Nate's Mom: Your dad...
Nate: What's with dad?
Nate's Mom: The bail price. It's very high. A million dollars. We couldn't afford that. We need it for your college, Nate.
Nate: I don't care about college. I care about Dad, Mom. DAD DAD DAD.

[on the phone] Serena... I need to talk to you. Call me back as soon as you get this. Please.. *sighs & hangs up*

-Serena gets Nate's message & calls him-

*Nate tells Serena to meet him in front of Serena's apartment*
What's wrong, Nate?
Nate: My dad...
Serena: What's with your Dad? What happened to him? Did he get in jail again?
Nate: He did... But..
Serena: But what??
*Blair was walking behind a building when she heard Nate & Serena talking & she saw them hugging each other*
*Nate & Serena are shocked & surprised to see Blair*
Blair... You don't understand!
Blair: What's to understand!? You guys go on with your lives!
Nate: *holds on to Blair's left arm* You don't understand!!!
Blair: Don't touch me!!! *screams & calls a taxi*

How will Nate & Serena tell Blair what happened? Find out on the next eppy. :]

Good Byes[[POEM #1]]


When someone says good-bye
I get sad & just lie
People tells me to stay strong
And others asks what wrong

Like when those friends of mine getting off
I always feel like I am lost
Without them it is not the same
And without them it feels lame

The good times & the bad
The times when we used to say "raaaadd"
It all disappeared, those memories & dreams
And when we used to make those "teams"

But you said it was for the best
But how about the rest?
The people you'll leave
And the people you need

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